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Latest Club Results

Date Venue Competition Versus Score Report
28/10/2017Pairc Ui RinnInter Hurl ChpEire Og0-16 to 0-09Report
07/10/2017Pairc Ui RinnInter Hurl ChpMayfield1-23 to 0-11Report
01/10/2017RostellanSen Foot LgeBantry Blues1-05 to 1-12
30/09/2017CobhMinor Football ChampionshipPassage West1-14 to 2-04
23/09/2017CarrigtwohillInter Hurl ChpMidleton2-12 to 2-09Report
01/09/2017RostellanIHLKanturk2-17 to 2-22Report
28/08/2017RostellanJBHCCastlelyons0-11 to 4-19Report
23/08/2017KilleaghJBHLKilleagh3-17 to 7-13
19/08/2017RathcormacInter Hurl ChpKildorrery3-21 to 3-18
07/08/2017BrinnyIHLValley Rovers2-18 to 1-12Report
02/08/2017ShanagarryJBHLRussell Rovers1-11 to 1-15Report
30/07/2017CastlemartyrIHLCastlemartyr5-21 to 1-10Report
29/07/2017castlelyonsU21AHCBride Rovers3-17 to 3-19Report
22/07/2017LisgooldJBHCWatergrasshill5-13 to 3-09Report
15/07/2017Pairc Ui RinnInter Hurl ChpBallinhassig3-15 to 0-15Report
28/06/2017BallygarvanU21AFCKilmurry1-11 to 1-13Report
24/06/2017CobhInter Hurl ChpSarsfield3-14 to 2-19Report
17/06/2017RostellanIHLMeelin0-18 to 3-10Report
14/06/2017KilleaghIHLFr. O Neills2-11 to 1-22Report
11/06/2017GlanworthSen Foot ChpKiskeam0-13 to 0-14Report
28/05/2017RostellanSen Foot LgeSt Vincents1-15 to 1-12Report
20/05/2017RockchapelSen Foot LgeRockchapel1-14 to 1-16Report
19/05/2017BallinacurraJAFCCastlelyons2-02 to 0-13Report
15/05/2017RostellanJAFLCobh3-13 to 2-06Report
13/05/2017CobhInter Hurl ChpBallygarvan2-15 to 3-09Report
05/05/2017DungourneyJBHLDungourney1-18 to 1-06Report
30/04/2017minane bridgeIHLTracton3-18 to 0-11Report
28/04/2017CobhJBHLCobh0-25 to 3-14Report
23/04/2017CarrigtwohillSen Foot ChpUCC1-16 to 2-16Report
15/04/2017Eire Og, OvensSen Foot ChpDohenys0-13 to 1-08Report
13/04/2017BallinacurraJBFCGlenville2-06 to 5-08Report
09/04/2017ShanagarryJAFLRussell Rovers1-09 to 1-12Report
07/04/2017RostellanSen Foot LgeGlanworth0-06 to 0-11Report
05/04/2017CobhJAFLCobh0-00 to 0-00
02/04/2017RostellanSen Foot LgeNemo Rangers2-16 to 2-09Report
31/03/2017ShanagarryU21AFCFr. O Neills4-10 to 1-06Report
24/03/2017Eire Og, OvensIHLEire Og1-14 to 0-22Report
19/03/2017coachfordSen Foot LgeAghabullogue2-07 to 3-08Report
17/03/2017KilleaghJAFCFr. O Neills1-12 to 1-07Report
12/03/2017RostellanIHLCastlelyons1-19 to 2-16Report
02/03/2017RostellanIHLWatergrasshill0-15 to 1-14Report
24/02/2017RostellanSen Foot LgeCarrigaline0-12 to 0-12Report
18/02/2017FermoySen Foot LgeFermoy1-10 to 3-11Report
17/02/2017RostellanJFLErins Own0-04 to 3-06Report
12/02/2017LisgooldJFLLisgoold1-06 to 2-07
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