Club Committees

A breakdown of all Club Committees

  • Chairperson: Pat O Connell

  • Treasurer: John O Neill

  • Secretary: Richard Good

  • Vice Chairperson: Jimmy O Leary

  • Board Delegate: Alan Roberts

  • County Board Delegates:
    Mike O Brien & Brian Walsh

  • Children’s Officer: Gillian Berry

  • PRO: Martin Looney

  • East Cork Board Delegates:
    Brian Walsh & Martin O Donoghue

  • Committee members: Joe Hartnett , Emer Stafford, Conor Counihan, Anthony Connolly, Tom Foley, James Daly and Cian Fleming

  • Chairperson: Donal Walsh
    Contact: 086 6295348

  • Treasurer: Emer Stafford

  • Secretary: Reece Bawden
    Contact: 086 8924471

  • Board Delegate: Michael Mulry
    Contact: 086 3862825

  • Juvenile Registration: Ber O Shea
    Contact: 087 2796121

  • PRO: Vera Terry
    Contact: 087 6489381

  • Committee members: Alan Devoy,Tommy Foley, Mark White, Diamund O Shea, James Stafford, Paula Dunne, Gillian Berry, Anthony Oosthuizen, Michael Daly, PJ Hurley & Martin Day

  • Chairperson: Paul Fitzpatrick
    Contact: 0872610834

  • Treasurer: Michelle O Driscoll

  • Vice Chairperson: Liam Robinson
    Contact: 0862457090

  • Registrar: Laura Burchill
    Contact: 0861572048

  • Children Officer: Corniella McGovern

  • Secretary: Anne Marie McAllister
    Contact: 0861687463

  • PRO: Cathal McAllister
    Contact: 0861936149

  • Committee members: Ian Rose, Pat Wall, Eric Smith, Peter French,Sinead McCarthy, Steve Quinn, Barry Moran and Reece Bawdin

  • Chairperson: Barry Day
    Contact: 086 8075050

  • Treasurer: Kieran Walsh

  • Secretary: Kate Walsh

  • Registrar: Robin Triggs
    Contact: 087 2138780

  • Vice Chairperson: Paul Fitzpatrick

  • PRO: Aileen O’Carroll
    Contact: 087 9692423

  • Committee members: Donal Godfrey, Ronan Geary, Willie Wallace, Mike Boylan, Eric Walsh, Vera Terry, Ursula Day, Martin Day and Susan Fitzgibbon

  • Football
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  • Hurling
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  • Camogie
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    For all the various club Camogie grades

  • Ladies Football
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